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Discover how easy it is to create and share assignments.

Build your assignment

Get started by crafting your assignment inside the Assignment Builder.

  • Forget about formatting

    Focus on writing content knowing your assignments will look great on both desktops and phones.

  • Rich content

    Easily embed formulas, graphs, and images straight into your question.

  • Customizable scoring and more

    Customize anything about your question, from its point value to its typo tolerance.

Share your assignment

Next, start collecting results by sharing your assignment with an invite link.

  • Share privately or publically

    You can create invites that are open to anyone with a link or just members of a specific clas.

  • Always in control

    You have complete control over who can view your assignment and any submissions derived from it. You can always disable links you've created.

Connect your class

Add students to a class for easier assignment sharing and more powerful controls.

  • See student results

    Assigning an assignment to a class allows you to collect student names and organize all their results in one place.

  • Automatically receive assignments

    When students join your class, they can see any pending assignments right on their dashboard.

  • Get more control

    Get control over attempts, due dates, and more.

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